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Make paying and responding easier with the Collections Portal and Mollie

The MA!N Collections Portal in combination with Mollie you makes it easier for your customers to pay invoices faster.

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Update MA!N: a new way of working MA!N

MA!N offers the option for dynamic buttons and windows for entering actions in MA!N. The idea is that you process actions faster and more intuitively in a way that suits your organization.

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Number 2.0 on grey background for MA!N 2.0

Release MA!N 2.0: PowerShell, REST and more

MA!N is available to everyone with new options for using PowerShell, REST, and more.

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Case: an automated path to an up-to-date accounting

Good credit management requires an up-to-date accounting. That’s why you can match credits and invoices in MA!N.

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The MA!N web viewer for online access

The majority of the users use our credit management software use it at a desk it the office and we want them to have the best performance possible. That’s why we’re still investing in desktop applications, because in the end it’s the fastest and most flexible solution for the majority of our users. But, there’s […]

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Case: Wagenborg Nedlift

Wagenborg Nedlift is one of our early customers and they are specialists in horizontal, vertical and heavy transport. In combination with professional engineering and project management, Wagenborg Nedlift offers a complete package of services for lifting, heavy transport and assembly. Wagenborg Nedlift is active throughout Europe and beyond for clients in the oil and gas […]

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Working with a customer hierarchy

In an simple world, a company will have a customer and that customer has an account that links everything to that customer. The real world, however, is often a bit more complex. Especially as organisations and customers grow bigger. In order to keep an overview in an efficient way, it is useful to be able […]

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Talking with portals and bots

The way that companies interact with their customers has been changing. It’s moving away from phone and even email. More and more our communication is running through chat apps, bots and smart assistants. This is impacting the requirements that our customers regarding our software. The choices that customers are making in this area are partly […]

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MA!N as a data hub for reporting and management information

We get tons of questions about reporting and BI with MA!N. Although the information need differs strongly between companies. Recently we have implemented a global reporting solution for a customer which perfectly represents the endless possibilities that MA!N offers. I really like our approach in these matters and would like to share this case with […]

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A year of visible and non-visible innovations

It’s already 2018 as if 2017 never happened, but it did happen and it was a year with hard work in existing and new areas. If you weren’t involved with MA!N related development last year, you could have gotten the impression that there was a lack of progress. But in the final quarter you could […]

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