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Our software MA!N offers more than just a credit management tool. The unmatched flexibility makes it the perfect tool for corporates or organisations with specific requirements. Customers use it for collections, risk management, customer service and more. Its low code options make that the sky is the limit while you remain access to our software updates. Without any hassle or extra costs.

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MA!N offers low code options to configure anything that you want.

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Our platform is built to implement specific requirements with a short lead time.

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Fixed price

No nasty surprises. You know the costs before we start.



MA!N automates collection workflow and it processes the happy flow without intervention. Apply data for generating smart workflows based on customer characteristics and behaviour. What remains are the genuine outliers.


Mark invoices as a dispute and start a workflow for resolving the issue. Invoices are temporarily
exempted from reminders until the dispute is resolved. MA!N monitors progress and informs

Credit Risk

Let MA!N manage risk the way you want. It uses internal data and data from third parties like
Creditsafe and D&B. Apply the data in a scoring model and use monitoring to be on top of risk. You decide how it works.

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Data exchange

MA!N supports all common techniques and formats for connecting with other applications and
platforms. You determine whether this is done periodically, manually or in real time. And it
doesn’t matter if it’s SAP or a third party like Creditsafe.


Add notes to a customer or invoice. You never miss a thing and it’s accessible for colleagues.


You send correspondence individually or per batch. Whether it’s through traditional mail, email or
text messages. It’s done within a few clicks. Or even better, MA!N does this for you and shows the
exceptions when they occur.

Payment plans

Create payment plans for customers who aren’t able to pay at once. MA!N sends a confirmation to the
customer and monitors whether a customer meets its obligations in time.
Optional it sends a reminder to the customer before the due date of a term.

icon with tools for customization of software


For customers who need more than the default there is more. MA!N is a platform with low code
options that enables endless options. This goes from custom scoring models to mail servers. It runs
effortlessly next to existing features and you keep access to software updates.

Manage your work

MA!N automates a large sum of recurring tasks. You find the not automated tasks in clear to do lists. It allows you to follow up, reschedule or distribute work.

Multi language

Use your preferred language, both in correspondence as in the user interface. MA!N ssupports languages ranging from English to Chinese with the option for adding extra languages.


Get insights into customer groups, reasons for non-payment, risk profiles and more. MA!N offers
dashboards, a report builder and a data warehouse. Not enough? You can connect MA!N to external
reporting tools or even a data lake. You determine what data you want to see and how it’s presented.

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“Colleagues from other countries are immediately enthusiastic when they see the software and want to implement it themselves.”

-Marcel Jaspers, Perfetti Van Melle

License MA!N Credit Management€ 179
Microsoft Azure Shared hosting (optional) *€ 85
Setup **quote
You’re in control


  • *) Hosting is optional and customers are free in hosting MA!N themselves. There is als an option for
    dedicated hosting. Pricing for dedicated hosting starts at € 1,750 per month and depends on
  • **) Setup costs depend on customer requirements.
  • Licenses and Shared hosting are prices per month per user.

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