Credit management software with which you improve cash flow and get a grip on debtors.

Customers use MA!N from screening new customer to managing disputes and collecting invoices. It automates the common tasks so you can focus on the exceptions.

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Invoices paid faster

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Less risk, less write offs

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Increased efficiency

From order to cash

Our software MA!N offers more than just a credit management tool. The unmatched flexibility makes it the perfect tool for corporates or organisations with specific requirements. Customers use it for collections, risk management, customer service and more. Its low code options make that the sky is the limit while you remain access to our software updates. Without any hassle or extra costs.

Collections management

With MA!N you automate collections management. It takes less time and customers pay invoices faster. This is how you optimize your cash flow.

MA!N monitors whether customers pay on time and, based on algorithms, determines which action is needed. And when there is something special, it alerts you.

  • You can send letters, e-mails and SMS with as less as one or zero clicks.
  • You have a complete customer overview at a glance.
  • You segment customers so that every customer receives the right treatment.
  • You have clear to-do lists, and you always know what to do and when.
  • You use the payment methods that suit a customer.

Do you want to go the extra mile? Engage with customers through our online portals and let them respond directly to invoices.

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Credit Management software

Manage your work

MA!N automates a large sum of recurring tasks. You find the not automated tasks in to-do lists. It allows you to follow up, reschedule or distribute work .

The layout of the screen can change per function, so that you always see the information you need.


Add notes to a customer or invoice. You never miss a thing and it’s accessible for colleagues.


You send correspondence individually or per batch. Whether it’s through traditional mail, email or text messages. It’s done within a few clicks. Or even better, MA!N does this for you and shows the exceptions when they occur.

Multi language

Use your preferred language, both in correspondence as in the user interface. MA!N ssupports languages ranging from English to Chinese with the option for adding extra languages.

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“Colleagues from other countries are immediately enthusiastic when they see the software and want to implement it themselves.”

-Marcel Jaspers, Perfetti Van Melle

Would you like to know more about the success of MA!N at Perfetti Van Melle? Please contact us, we will discuss this together and give a free demo.
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Data exchange

MA!N supports all common techniques and formats for connecting with other applications and platforms. You determine whether this is done periodically, manually or in real time. And it doesn’t matter if it’s SAP or a third party like Creditsafe.

Read more about exchanging data.


In one flow you can record disputes and start a workflow for resolving the dispute. MA!N monitors whether it has been resolved in a timely manner.

  • A streamlined process for disputes.
  • Send a confirmation to the customer.
  • Exclude invoices from the collection process.
  • Monitoring lead times and automated follow-up.
  • Management information on the origin of disputes.

A smooth settlement of disputes ensures higher customer satisfaction and MA!N is your tool to support that.

Payment plans

MA!N facilitates payment plans for customer who cannot pay in one go. It helps in getting invoices paid without increasing your customers financial problems.

With a few clicks you create a suitable repayment plan and send a confirmation to the customer.

  • Payment in installments in fixed or variable instalments.
  • Timely payment monitoring.
  • Automatic notification for customers as a reminder for the upcoming installment.

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Credit Management Software

Reporting and dashboards

To determine a strategy, you need insight into customer groups, reasons for non-payment, risk profiles and more. MA!N gives you these insights with dashboards, a report builder and a data warehouse. You can use all available for reports.

Not enough? You also connect MA!N with external applications or even a data lake. You determine the information you want to see and in what form.

Credit Risk Management

Risk management with MA!N ensures lower write offs due to non-payments. MA!N provides insights into potential risks in advance. It connects seamlessly with collections management and uses both internal and external data.

  • Connects third parties like Creditsafe, D&B and Atradius.
  • Workflows for approving new customers.
  • Custom scoring models.
  • Insights into customer behaviour.
  • Integration with debtor management.

With MA!N credit management software, risk management fits seamlessly with the requirements of the organization.

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Low code

For customers who need more than the default, there is more. MA!N is a platform with low code features that enables endless options. This goes from custom scoring models to mail servers. It runs effortlessly next to existing features and you keep access to software updates.

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MA!N Credit Management Software can do a lot and we are happy to tell you more about it. Contact us and we will give you a free demo.

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