Connect with colleagues and customers through portals. Make them part of your workflow and become a 24/7 service.

screenshot of the Customer Portal where people can react on unpaid invoices
Connect with customers

Collections Portal

The Collections Portal lets customers respond online to open invoices. They can add a payment promise,
submit a dispute, create a payment play and more. It all integrates seamlessly in your process based on your business rules.

Customers can communicate with you outside offices hours and you no longer have to manually process all the emails. The Collections Portal gives customers imminent feedback in the portal or by email. It makes responding to invoices and paying easier.

Screenshot of the Stakeholder Portal on mobile where people see information about their customers
Collaborate with colleagues

Stakeholder portal

Get colleagues involved in credit management and collections with the Stakeholder Portal. It gives them access to information about their customer and to do’s.

No more outdated Excel files. There’s one place with the current status that people access from the
office or on the road from their phone.

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Collaborate anywhere, anytime and become a 24/7 service

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Save time

Portals automate workflows and save time.

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Each year 25 million invoices are processed by our software.

image of custom credit management software
Build your custom web app

Custom portals

You want to go beyond the standard, but don’t want to start from scratch? We got you covered. That’s the benefit of our low code platform.

We built a custom credit risk portal for a global customer in weeks. That’s possible due to our platform and the building blocks we have in place. Before they struggled for years with building a portal and ended up killing it. Now they are up and running for a fraction of the costs.

Send us your requirements and we build a custom portal for you. Or ask us how you build one yourself.

Custom Portals are only available for MA!N.

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Do you want to know more about the possibilities or do you have other questions? Please contact us.

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