MA!N Low-Code is a development platform that makes software development easier. The result: shorter development cycles and lower costs.

Whether it concerns credit management applications, a customer portal or workflows for the purchasing process, you develop it with MA!N Low-Code.

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Develop and implement requirements with a short lead time.

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MA!N offers low code options for custom software.

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Lower costs

Developing with low code software is cheaper and less complex.

For who?

It doesn’t matter whether you’re an individual or a company with 20,000 people. The set up of MA!N ensures that it grows along with the implemented features and organization.

Why low code?

Low-Code makes software development easier and more accessible. You have platform to which you add new features. This results in fewer hours needed for coding and less dependency on scarce software developers.

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What do people develop with MA!N

Developing software with MA!N Low-Code has a low level of complexity. The flexibility makes it suitable for a variety of applications. We use it ourselves, for example, as a platform for our credit management software and various web like Collection and Stakeholder Portals.


Develop workflows that fit with your organization and customers.

With MA!N low-code you develop workflows that are tailored to your organization and customer. Not static, but dynamic so that the workflow matches the situation.

User Interface

Set up the user interface that best suits job.

Not all work is that same. That is why with MA!N you set up user interfaces that fit the work people do. They will see the data and features that are useful. Because what you see is what you use.

Data hubs

Make data accessible and convert it into information.

MA!N Low-Code lets you collect data from various resources in one place. You convert it into information and workflows or forward it to other systems. It’s the data hub that connects the organization and makes data accessible.

Web Apps

Build web apps faster.

With MA!N you develop web apps without needing knowledge of .Net, ASPX or C++. Pages are compiled in a similar way as it does for MA!N desktop. This also applies to the connected workflows. You use XML, SQL and CSS.

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“MA!N picks up where other vendors stop.”

-Peter Heidema, AgroEnergy

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No limit

Whether it concerns credit management applications, a customer portal or workflows for the purchasing process, you build it with MA!N Low-Code.

What do you need?

You use the built-in development tool in MA!N and SQL Management Studio. Depending the workflow and what is developed, the use of a separate code editor can be useful.


MA!N uses SQL and XML as a basis. Developing web apps also requires CSS and for more complex web apps you’ll need

For communicating with other platforms MA!N supports common techniques like REST, SOAP and JSON.


Customers are free to choose where they run MA!N. This can be your own network, CE-iT or a third party of your choice.

At CE-iT we use our Microsoft Azure cloud for hosting. The costs for hosting depend on the solutions for which MA!N is used.

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Developing in MA!N is free. You pay for the “finished” products and solutions that are used.

Would you like to know more about how MA!N works and the costs? Please contact us. We are happy to discuss how MA!N Low-Code fits best.

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