CE-iT focuses on the development of smart software. We clearly understand that you can never do everything on your own. That is why we look for partnerships with specialists who have the knowledge and experience that complement ours.

Appreciation for your expertise

Every partner is an expert in his or her own field: one may sell and implement our software, another introduces us to a potential client. We’re open to all kinds of partnerships. And we understand that not everyone is able to manage the entire process.

As a partner, you have an edge

Partnerships work best when the ‘love’ is mutual. So when our partners sell a license, we pay them a fee. The amount of the percentage depends on the number of leads that you develop and your level of engagement throughout the process. In addition to financial compensation, we welcome our partners to join us at meet ups. So you can learn more about our software. And you get a chance to meet our specialists, our clients, and our other partners.

You too can be a partner!

The more partners we have, the more organisations can take advantage of our software. Are you part of a network in the credit management world? Would you like to share your knowledge? And do you see the chance of working with CE-iT as an exciting opportunity? Then we’d very much like to talk with you!