• License: € 179 user/month
  • Hosting not included
  • Implementation: quote

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  • Collections
  • Dispute Management
  • Credit Risk Management
  • Custom scoring models
  • Credit insurance support
  • Reporting
  • Data lake connections
  • Customer Portal
  • Low code options
  • Multi language
  • Multiple administrations

Collections portal

  • € 0,25 customer/month
  • (minimum € 99 / month)
  • Implementation € 0

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  • Unlimited access
  • Personal page customers
  • Customers can respond
  • Automated workflow
  • Multi language

*) Hosting is optional and customers are free to host MA!N themselves. There are options for dedicated and shared hosting. Prices for dedicated hosting start at €1,750 per month and depend on customer requirements. The costs for shared hosting are € 89 per user per month.

**) Implementation costs differ per customer and depend on the requirements.

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