Our tools let you collect invoices faster and reduce risk.

Customers around the world use our software for smarter workflows. To automate task and for collaborating with colleagues and customers.

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The software is used in more than 60 countries worldwide.

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Reduce costs

Save money with efficient workflows and faster collections.

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Each year 25 million invoices are processed by our software.

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The software that works for you

MA!N Credit Management

MA!N is the most flexible solution for various applications: from collecting invoices to risk management, from complaints management to factoring or a correspondence server. For SMEs and multinationals.

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Focus op tech!

Do not expect a smooth sales story, that is not in our DNA. We are focused on technology and also happen to know a lot about credit management. That’s how we sell our products. Do you want us to tell you more about that? Please contact us.

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Become a 24/7 service


Portals ensure that you are available to colleagues and customers 24 hours a day. Sales can track disputes and customers. Customers respond to reminders, make payment plans and more. It makes credit management an integrated process and saves time.

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“With MA!N employees experience a lower workload and as a hospital we are now fully in control.”

-Olaf Brakel, Amsterdam UMC

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Develop your own software


For customers who need to go beyond the standard, there is more. MA!N is a platform with low-code options that enable endless functionalities. This ranges from custom scoring models to correspondence servers. It runs effortlessly alongside existing features and you keep access to regular software updates.

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About CE-iT

At CE-iT, we often take a slightly different approach – just a little bit smarter. Customers appreciate that: every day, more than 150 organisations in more than 60 countries use our software. They want to work in their own style, in their own language. That is exactly what we offer on a global level: intelligent, flexible software. Clear and coherent, scalable, user-friendly software. Good, solid software that enables you to work quickly and flawlessly.