Credit Management software that adapts to your requirements, because organizations and requirements change over time.



We have developed our software MA!N with the mind-set that every organization is different and that todays requirements may not be the requirements of tomorrow. With that in mind, we have made it our goal to give MA!N an unprecedented flexibility. This flexibility allows the software to be deployed for a variety of processes such as accounts receivable, purchasing and data management, but also that it can be applied by SMB companies, banks, hospitals and more.

Credit Management

Credit management is about collections, managing risks, disputes, related workflows and so on. The much comprehensiveness of credit management, also means that it can be a labor-intensive area.MA!N offers the ability to automate standard tasks and provides a complete customer overview at a glance. The application assesses the action for individual customers and can process mail in batches. Because situations and customers are not black and white, MA!N can also take customer-specific characteristics into account in order to propose additional actions for individual customers. The result is a mix between efficiency and effectiveness.

For users MA!N offers a clear workflow and easy to do lists to help them manage their work.

Complaint Management

Complaint management is one of the core features of our software. You can register a complaint, connect a complaint to a customer or invoice, assign tasks to individuals, monitor progress and more. MA!N collects all data related to complaints which enables you to analyze and improve processes.

Risk Management

Credit Risk Management is an important part of Credit Management, but there’s a great differentiation between organisations and the way they manage these processes. It’s not one-size-fits-all and our software adapts to your process.The software can import external data, calculate credit scores, create an cross company overview of risks for major customers and much more.

Mortage and consumer finance

Credit management for mortage and consumer finance has other requirements for software than regular credit management. It often involves large numbers of loans with a financial risk which requires a different approach than regular credit management. There are many factors that can affect the ability of both the borrower and that of the bank.

By setting up additional business rules in MA!N you will be able to meet all those specific requirements. MA!N will be able to act on specific situations.

Workflows in Outlook

Software and workflow automation is something that we love at CE-iT, but we also know that people do not want to use a different application for each type of workflow. With MA!N you can have different types of workflows for users without them having to use different applications, because users will have their workflow in Outlook. In Outlook they will have all the information and tools to do their task. After completing a task by a user, MA!N assesses the next step in the process.

Users will only have to use Outlook. That reduces the number of applications that you need, makes your work much easier and more accessible.


Data helps you to improve processes. Our software support this in multiple ways. You can use dashboards and it has its own data warehouse, but you can also connect it to BI tools like Cognos. The data warehouse in MA!N can be use for the default reports, custom reports or you can connect it with Microsoft Excel. The latter enables you to create reports in Excel with a connection to the MA!N database.

About CE-iT

At CE-iT we do things different. Different but always aimed to do it smarter. Smarter within the software, for the customer and for the user. CE-iT is founded in 2003, and since then we have focused on the development and implementation of software. We have a clear vision of the future and would like you to be part of that.

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