You achieve more with accounts receivable management when you make it easier for customers to pay or respond. That is why we offer the Collections Portal module for MA!N. This allows customers to respond to an invoice online or pay an invoice in a breeze.

How it works

You may already be sending reminders and other letters by email. When you use the Collections Portal module, MA!N can add a button to the email. By clicking the button a customer opens a personal web page with an overview of the outstanding invoices, including the status.

The customer selects one or more invoices and then has the option to pay directly or respond. Responding offers options such as making a payment promise or reporting a dispute. In the background, MA!N processes the responses and takes action where necessary.

You can also add the button for direct payment to the email itself.

Screenshot of the Collections Portal with the option to enter an action and an overview of the selected invoices.

Mollie and other payment options

MA!N offers a standard integration for sending payment requests via Mollie. This integration is also used within the Collections Portal. It makes it easier for customers to pay the selected invoices online.

The Mollie module is included in the price of the MA!N license. Depending on the requirements, there may be one-time implementation costs. In addition, Mollie charges fees for processing payments.

Mollie is a payment service provider that handles the processing of online payments. If you prefer to work with another provider, such as Adyen, that is also possible.

The benefits

The Collections Portal offers benefits for both your customer and your organization. The main benefits are:

  • Customers can reach out 24/7.
  • Paying and responding becomes easier.
  • MA!N processes responses and informs people when they need to act.
  • People have more time for exceptions.

Are you interested in the Collections Portal? Please contact us via An indication of the costs can be found on this page.