It’s already 2018 as if 2017 never happened, but it did happen and it was a year with hard work in existing and new areas. If you weren’t involved with MA!N related development last year, you could have gotten the impression that there was a lack of progress. But in the final quarter you could see the new products and features coming to life.

We’re a small company, constantly working on lots of things, but sometimes we tend to forget to tell what we’re doing. We try to inform people through our blogs and meet ups with customers, but it’s something that will need our attention in de upcoming year.

In the context of telling what we’ve done and what we’re doing, we would like to share some of the highlights of 2017 and perhaps 2018:

  • We have accomplished complex interfaces for several customers. Customers tend to ask for more and more data from multiple sources, which means that we need to do lots of puzzling to make everything work.
  • In 2016 we’ve started to move our (hosting) customers to Microsoft Azure and we only have a few customers left to move.
  • We continued the global expansion of our software and we can inform you that it’s now being used in over fifty countries!
  • The number of MA!N developers outside CE-iT keeps growing. A good example is the solution that Ordina offers to financials for the management of (historical) data.
  • Our primary focus has always been the desktop, but that doesn’t mean that we don’t care about the web. In 2017 we’ve worked on several web related projects and you can expect some interesting updates during 2018!
  • Robots our hot and we’re working on features for MA!N in this area too. It offers great opportunities like direct interaction between customers and MA!N. It’s something we’re very excited about and we wil tell you more about it as soon as we can.

Something very different, but worth noting, is that non of our team members has left CE-iT during 2017. That’s quite an achievement these days and it makes us a better team, because we know each other well. That doesn’t mean that nothing has changes, but it does mean that we can achieve more as a team.

The upcoming year promises lots of interesting things and it will be a year where we, together with our customers, will achieve even more with our software. So stay tuned!