The MA!N web viewer for online access

The majority of the users use our credit management software use it at a desk it the office and we want them to have the best performance possible. That’s why we’re still investing in desktop applications, because in the end it’s the fastest and most flexible solution for the majority of our users. But, there’s more in the world than an office space and the average user. That’s why we’ve developed several web solutions for customers throughout the years including.

The web solutions that we developed until recently were often custom made and that also fits the flexibility of our software. However, we’re working on a number of standardized solutions, the first of which is now available and that’s a web viewer. Through this application, users can access MA!N anywhere to view their customers, including an overview of the invoices and actions.

Cross-platform en geen app

We did take a look at the development of a mobile app, but for occasional users this is often an extra barrier because they have to install something first. A web environment is more accessible to them, besides that it’s easier for us as a developer to maintain and that fits in with the fast pace of development that our customers are accustomed to. The choice between a web solution or specific apps for Android and iOS was therefore easily made. It’s also inline within the movement in the market where solutions are increasingly being developed cross-platform within the same technology.

main web viewer

Using the web viewer

While designing the viewer our starting point was “Don’t make me think”, because we wanted to keep it as simple as possible for the user. This has resulted in a design in which an account manager, after logging in, lands on a page with a summary of her customers and from there on she can navigate to specific customers. For each customer, she sees a dashboard and an overview of the actions and invoices. Within a few clicks she will know all the ins & outs of her customers.

Upcoming features

In the near future more features are coming, for example adding notes by account managers. But first we will launch a solution that enables customers to update information about invoices themselves. For example filing a complaint or promise to pay. MA!N will process this update in the background and start the associated workflow or create an action for an employee. We expect the first customer to go live early 2019.

The web viewer is ready for customers. Interested? Please send a message and we will contact you.