Our software MA!N offers endless configuration options and that raises questions every now and then. That’s why we want to explain what MA!N is and how it can offer all those options without having to deal with custom software for individual customers.

What is it that MA!N does?

This is an easy but also a though question to answer. Its predecessor, Collect-iT, was a pretty straight forward application. It supported digital workflows for collections management. We had the intention to keep ik as an one size fits all application and it did, but not as we intended it to be. Customers discovered that Collect-iT could do more than we said and started sending requests. Those requests finally initiated the development of MA!N.

The MA!N credit management features are an evolution and expansion off what Collect-iT offered, but it goes beyond that and now it supports all kinds of workflows. With an occasional step to other areas like historical data management. The flexibility also resulted in the adaption of MA!N by different types of organisations. Small vs large, local vs global and each customer can still use the latest version of the application.

The flexibility of MA!N is achieved by dividing it into four layers:

  1. User interface
  2. GUI set-up
  3. Database set-up
  4. MA!N core

Flexible software

User interface

The first layer is the user interface. This the layer that is used by the end user. Here users can add notes, manage to do’s and execute tasks. The setup of the user interface can be different for each organisation and role. We’ve created this option from the perspective that everybody needs different data to do different tasks.

GUI set-up

The next layer is used for the functional setup. Here you can create templates for letters, workflows, adjust reports and more. And the best part is that you don’t have to be a developer to do this.

Database set-up

With the third layer we’re moving on to the database. Each customer has its own database and this layer enables customers to go beyond default features without adjusting the core application. You can setup features that aren’t common, ad very specific business rules, risk models and much, much more. This layer opens the door to freedom and creativity. You will, at least, need knowledge of SQL to do adjustments in this layer.

MA!N Core

All layers lead to the core of MA!N. This core is the same for each customer. It’s the engine that facilitates all other layers and that enables the flexibility of MA!N. It is the part of MA!N where we develop general functionalities like being able to use web services for the communication with third party systems and to use tools like Microsoft Office.

Where will it go from here?

We will continue to ad more functionalities and flexibility to MA!N. For instance by expanding the options for controlling workflows within other applications. It’s already possible for MA!N to control workflows in applications like Outlook. In these cases MA!N will be the engine that provides intelligence and data for workflows in other applications without users having to log on to MA!N.

You can always contact us if you want to know what MA!N can do for you.