MA!N can do more because it’s different, and we use two principles for developing it. The first is that people and organizations work differently from each other. The second is the support for credit management and other processes. That strategy works, and the use of MA!N has expanded enormously over the years. Customers use it for credit management, but also for areas like factoring or as a correspondence server.

This versatility makes MA!N unique. It requires flexibility, and we also have the requirement that every customer can use the same version of MA!N. That’s s the basis of MA!N Low Code. Regardless of how they use MA!N, each customer can update to the latest version of MA!N, today.

The structure of MA!N

The flexibility of MA!N is possible due to the structure of MA!N. It consists of four layers:

  1. User interface
  2. Interface Setup
  3. Database setup
  4. MA!N Core (the platform)

The first three are accessible to customers, the fourth only for CE-iT. Below we explain the role and operation of the various layers.

Graphical representation of the 4 layers of MA!N software.

User interface

The user interface is the layer that you see as an end user. It’s the place you do your work. This is where you take notes, plan tasks and execute actions. The layout differs per customer and sometimes also per role. The idea is that you as a person get a set-up that fits your work so that you see the information and features that are useful to you.

Interface setup

This is the first layer for the functional set-up of MA!N. Most credit management software vendors offer this option. It lets you configure templates, roles and permissions, workflows and more. You can turn many features on or off with “check marks” and you don’t need any programming skills. You do need those skills in the database layer.

Database setup

The database is where the magic of MA!N happens. Here we set up complete systems.

MA!N doesn’t only use the database for storing data, it goes beyond that. In the database, we set up the requirements that go beyond the standard. The sky is the limit, as long as there’s a logic. If you want the outcome of 2 + 3 – 1 on Friday to be 2 instead of 4, you can.

You can set up scoring models for adaptive workflows, a correspondence server, or whatever you require. We encourage customers to do this themselves, but of course, we can also help you with it.

As a result, MA!N also offers more options for exchanging credit information with organizations such as Creditsafe. As a customer, you determine which data you import, what you do with that data and how MA!N applies it within workflows. That’s the power of MA!N. You combine your knowledge with the possibilities of MA!N, so that 1 + 1 is not 2 but 4.

The MA!N Core

The fourth layer, or rather the first layer, is MA!N Core. This is the basis on which everything runs, the platform. It’s the same for every customer, regardless of how they use MA!N. It’s the engine that supports all other layers and enables the flexibility of MA!N. Here, for example, we ensure that MA!N can talk to other systems or that you can use e-mail. In the database, you set how you apply this for your organization.

It’s the combination of MA!N Core and the database, what makes the software special. We develop the technology once in the MA!N Core and you can apply that technology in countless ways in the database.

Work smarter

The design of and the cooperation between the four layers ensures that we, as CE-iT, can serve a large group of customers with diverse wishes worldwide with a small team. We try to work a little smarter every day, just as we help customers work smarter.