Sending secure e-mails with SPF and DKIM

Last updated: July 14, 2022

E-mail is a frequently used feature in MA!N. When MA!N is hosted on our clouds it is therefore important that e-mails are properly signed. Otherwise e-mails might be marked, or even removed, as spam by the e-mail provider and server.

Signing the e-mails requires DKIM (DomainKeys Identified Mail – Wikipedia) and SPF (Sender Policy Framework – Wikipedia) setup by both the client and CE-iT.

Setting up SPF and DKIM

The setup follows these steps:

  1. Provide CE-iT with the domain (e.g., that you want to use for sending e-mails.
  2. CE-iT sends you an e-mail with IP addresses and 2 DKIM keys for each domain.
  3. Your company adds the IP addresses and DKIM keys to your companies DNS (Domain Name System – Wikipedia).
  4. Inform CE-iT that step 3 is completed.
  5. CE-iT verifies step 3 and sets up the cloud for e-mail.

We recommend that you test the setup by sending an e-mail to an internal and personal e-mail address. Please contact our support in case the e-mails are still marked spam.