Styling the user interface

Last updated: July 14, 2022

With the style editor, you can apply your personal style to MA!N. This goes from the font-family to colors of the user interface.

Setting a style

Go to the menu bar and select “File > Style Editor”. A pop-up appears, and you can now move your mouse across the screen over the different elements. A new pop-up appears with options for items that you can style for that element.

Screenshot Style editor Role selection in MAIN

Pick one, by selecting the number or letter, and the next pop-up appears.

Screenshot style editor settings in MAIN

You can now style the colors and font for different states (Normal, Selected, HotTracked, Active). There is a live preview of each adjustment, and you can undo your edit by clicking Reset States in the upper-right corner of the pop-up.

The adjusted styling applies to all windows with the same elements.

Saving styles

You save your changes by going to menu bar “File > Style Save Group”. By selecting Style Save File, you save the style to a file that you can use or share.

Loading styles

When you save the style as a file, other users can import it by going to the menu bar “File > Style Load File”.

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