At CE-iT we have invested in making MA!N more accessible through the web. We looked at where and how people do certain work and how we could make that more convenient. Not only for employees, but also for customers. One of the outcomes is the Collections Portal that gives customers the ability to respond to invoices online.

What does it do?

With te portal you get the option to add links to digital correspondence. Think of a reminder that you send by e-mail or an SMS. By clicking the link a customer will be redirected to a webpage with an overview of the outstanding invoices. The customer can add different types of responses such as requesting a copy of an invoice, indicating that an invoice has been paid or making a request for a payment arrangement. MA!N will start the corresponding workflow based on the parameters that you have set.

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MA!N offers different types of workflows based on your requirements. Consider the following scenarios:

  1. A customer indicates that an invoice will be paid in three days. MA!N registers the payment promise and checks in five days whether the payment has actually been received. If the invoice is paid, you will not see this. If there is no payment, a task will appear in the to do list or MA!N will continue the standard workflow.

  2. A customers asks for a copy of an invoice. If MA!N has access to invoices, it will send the invoice to the customer by e-mail. If MA!N does not have access to invoices, a task is created for an employee to send the invoice.

  3. A customer wants a payment arrangement for three installments. In MA!N you set the parameters that contain the rules that tell when an online payment arrangement is accepted. If the customer’s proposal falls within these rules then MA!N records the arrangement and sends a confirmation to the customer. In case MA!N rejects the proposal a task is created for an employee to review the proposal and the customer receives a message that the request is being assessed.

As a customer of CE-iT you decide what a customer can do and which part of the process is automated, so that you get the right balance between automation and human action.

The benefits of the Collections Portal

By using the Collections Portal your organization is available for customers 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. In addition, for many people it is a threshold to call and ask for something like a payment arrangement and that threshold is largely removed with a portal.

For you as an organization, a portal also means that parts of the contacts with customers are processed by MA!N in the background, that administrative work is reduced and that people can focus on the exceptions.

The Collections Portal is available as a separate add on for MA!N. Do you want to know more? Please send an e-mail to and we will contact you and tell you all the details.