Illustration of a browser with a green Mollie logo

Make paying and responding easier with the Collections Portal and Mollie

The MA!N Collections Portal in combination with Mollie you makes it easier for your customers to pay invoices faster.

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Illustration of a server with cloud containing a blog, mail and laptop..

Case: review and approve credit limits across countries

In this case we look at how a customer assesses and approves requests for credit limits and payment terms across countries with MA!N

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Illustratie van 2 mensen in een workflow

This is how you involve people in credit management

The trick to involving people in credit management processes is to remove barriers. In this blog we look at how you do that.

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Illustratie van 2 dollar biljetten achter een blauw schild met een donkergroene achtergrond.

The credit insurance explained in 7 steps

You want to get paid, even if a customer does not want or can’t pay. A credit insurance helps, and We explain how it works and what it costs.

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Ilustratie van een donkerblauwe fabriek tegen een blauw-groene achtergrond

An introduction to factoring, here’s what you need to know

What is factoring? How does it work? What needs your attention? And what are the costs? We answer these questions and more in this blog.

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Specifying requirements for software: the benefits and how it works

Specificeren levert uitgewerkte requirements en leidt tot betere software tegen lagere kosten. We leggen uit het hoe het werkt.

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Number 2.0 on grey background for MA!N 2.0

Release MA!N 2.0: PowerShell, REST and more

MA!N is available to everyone with new options for using PowerShell, REST, and more.

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