The key in implementing credit management software

Simplicity makes implementing credit management software easier. In this article we explain how you do that.

illustratie voor debiteurenbeheer

Six tips for better accounts receivable management

Accounts receivable management, it seems very easy and yet many organizations are not in control for various reasons. We therefore discuss 6 areas that are essential for proper accounts receivable management. Keep your administration up-to-date A healthy accounts receivable administration starts with an up-to-date administration. That sounds obvious and yet we see that it is […]

Typewriter as a symbol for changes in communicating with customers

Communicating with customers 2020

Modern technology enables us to communicate in different ways than anyone a hundred years ago could have imagined. This has affects the way we work and that also credit management. For many people this is nothing new and yet sometimes it is good to step back and look at it. As a result, it can […]


What is credit risk management and how can you manage it?

Credit risk management is a tricky part within credit management. You are dealing with opposing interests between maximizing sales and keeping risks as low as possible. But it is sometimes also difficult to determine what the risk is, because in most cases you are talking about a potential risk and that risk is not a […]


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