Illustratie van een AI chip

Is AI the future of credit management or is there a better solution?

AI is often seen as the magical solution for every product, but is that true? In credit management we see solutions that help you achieve your goals faster.

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Illustration of a browser with a green Mollie logo

Make paying and responding easier with the Collections Portal and Mollie

The MA!N Collections Portal in combination with Mollie you makes it easier for your customers to pay invoices faster.

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Illustratie van een clipboard met een portemonnee

A guide to boost your accounts receivable management

In this article we discuss everything you need to know about accounts receivable management and gettings customers to pay invoices faster.

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Illustratie van een blauwe type machine met oranje toetsen

Zo schrijf je een herinnering die werkt

Het is tijd voor een ander soort aanmaningen. Dus niet langer “Uit onze administratie blijkt…” We hebben op een rijtje gezet hoe je herinneringen en aanmaningen schrijft die werken.

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9 tips for implementing credit management software

Simplicity makes implementing credit management software easier. In this article we explain how you do that.

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illustratie voor debiteurenbeheer

Six tips for better accounts receivable management

In this article you will get six tips for improving your accounts receivables management which will lead to better cash flow.

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Typewriter as a symbol for changes in communicating with customers

Communicating with customers 2020

Communicating with customershas changed due to new technologies. This offerts new options that benefit both companies and the customers.

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What is credit risk management and how can you manage it?

In this paper we will provide tools for making risk transparent and how to organize it with “customization” for your organization.

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