2023 was the year in which we worked on several new applications for MA!N that go beyond credit management. In all cases, they use the same version of the software that is available for every customer. This is possible thanks to the low-code design of MA!N. In this blog, we zoom in on a few new applications to give you an idea of what else is possible with MA!N. These applications may not be relevant to all customers, but they do underline the possibilities of MA!N and will hopefully provide inspiration.

MA!N as factoring software

Factoring is an alternative form of financing that offers flexibility and is easier and faster to get than a bank loan. It is financing based on sent invoices. MA!N has been used by various factoring companies for years. In 2023, we started a setup in which MA!N manages the entire process for factoring. MA!N assesses risks, calculates the financing capacity, processes payments, takes care of accounts receivable management, and more. We will tell you more about this when we complete this project.

 You can learn more about factoring here.

MA!N as core banking software

An interesting project from which we also learned a lot in 2023 is the development of MA!N as a core banking system at a bank. It was developed together with analysts and developers from a bank and shows the “open”structure of MA!N. A core banking system is the back-end system of a bank in which all processes surrounding loans come together. From interest calculations to payment processing, from contract administration to notifications to external agencies, from financial bookings to connecting with front-end systems. And much more. This project demonstrates the low-code possibilities of MA!N at its best. A project we are very proud of.

MA!N for municipalities

A third project that we want to highlight is MA!N as a collection application for municipalities. Collection for a municipality concerns taxes and fees, but also the recovery of overpaid or wrongly provided benefits. It is a complex mix of legislation, local policy and an extensive landscape of systems that MA!N must communicate with.

The idea is that MA!N will be organized according to the Dutch Municipal Basic Income Processes. In this way, we ensure that MA!N complies with standards that are also applicable for and used by other municipalities. This means that the processes comply with applicable laws and regulations and that the data model is consistent with information that municipalities must provide to other authorities.

As a team, we have been working on the low-code capabilities of MA!N for years and 2023 was the year in which we applied them more than ever. That is what distinguishes MA!N from other applications, and that is what we will continue with in 2024.

Do you have an idea or question about what MA!N can do for you? You can always contact us ( support@ce-it.nl ), and we will look into it together.