Ordina is a leading independent IT service provider in the Benelux. The company focuses on the financial services sector, public sector, health care sector and specific segments in the industry sector.

After a successful implementation of MA!N at a mortgage bank, Ordina saw a different application of MA!N to credit management for clients.

Ordina sees many of its customers struggling with historical data when implementing new software. A one-to-one migration to the new system is not desirable. Deleting data isn’t allowed due to legislation and regulations. Data must be stored and kept accessible for a certain period after which it must be deleted.

A solution for managing legacy data

Ordina saw a solution for managing historical data with MA!N, given the way the software is built. It offers a flexible database structure and accepts all common file formats for reading and processing data. It handles large amounts of data with ease and offers several options for unlocking that data.

Ordina built an application with MA!N that has the following characteristics:

  • Migrating from one or more existing systems to one or more MA!N databases. Due to the design of the solution, the structure of the data remains unchanged and there’s nog loss of information.
  • Employees access data through the MA!N user interface which makes it more accessible than before.
  • Business rules in the application ensure that data is stored and deleted in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. The developed solution thus ensures that customers are compliant.
  • Lower costs for managing historical data.

The historical data management solution developed by Ordina is used by customers like ABN Amro and Stater(https://stater.nl/nl/).

Ordina as MA!N developer

Ordina has a team developers and consultants that develops and implements applications with MA!N. Besides the historical data solution, Ordina also implements MA!N for collection and special services departments. Because of their approach and the way MA!N works, the solutions offered are often one of the most cost-efficient and suitable tools available.

You can learn more about Ordina by visiting their website, or you can contact Maarten van den Hemel at Ordina: Maarten.van.den.Hemel@ordina.nl. He can tell you more about the solution or help you in case you want to set-up a custom solution with MA!N, but don’t have in-house developers.