Illustration of a calendar and wallet for a payment plan

Automate payment plans with MA!N

An important credit management function in MA!N is the payment plan. We look at the most used functions and how you apply them.

Illustration of a list of items with a magnifying glass

Case: an automated path to an up-to-date accounting

Good credit management requires an up-to-date accounting. That’s why you can match credits and invoices in MA!N.

Logo Ordian

Low code case: Ordina and management of legacy data

Ordina developed a low code solution for the management of historical data with MA!N. It ensures that customers are compliant and reduce costs.


Low code makes custom software feasible for every organization

Low code offers flexibility and provides credit management software that fits like a tailored suit. Software that meets your requirements.


9 tips for implementing credit management software

Simplicity makes implementing credit management software easier. In this article we explain how you do that.

Illustratie met gereedschap voor de configuratie en flexibiliteit van de MAIN software

What sets us apart from the competition

MA!N credit management software consists of four layers, giving you unprecedented flexibility and a form of low code software. But how does it work?

illustration of a security token against a blue-orange background

Is increasing complexity hindering access to modern technology?

Technology develops rapidly and so does its complexity. Is this increasing complexity hindering access to modern technology and security?

illustratie voor debiteurenbeheer

Six tips for better accounts receivable management

In this article you will get six tips for improving your accounts receivables management which will lead to better cash flow.

World with dots that represent locations for remote work

Our tips for working from home based on 15 years of experience

Many people are suddenly confronted with working from home due to the COVID-19 virus. We share our tips based on 15 years of experience.

Credit management software timeline for automated processes

Credit management software: 10 tips to get started and improve

We help you write a business case for credit management software. What can it do? Why do you need it? And what does it cost?


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