Indien je een specifiek onderdeel zoekt dan kan dat in het zoekveld worden ingevoerd. Het overzicht laat dan alle releases zien met dat onderdeel. Voor aanvullende vragen kan er contact met Support opgenomen worden.

ReleaseItem ID option added to docvariable SQL Overview. ReplyMail did not fill the Action details correctly. and OpenFile option to Dynamic form. option added for Check: Asterisk, Error, Exclamation, Hand, Information, None, Question, Stop, Warning. added to Adjust mail / Adjust settings for .docx documents:
- PdfA Compatibility (None, PdfA1a, PdfA1b, PdfA2a, PdfA2b, PdfA3a, PdfA3b).
- PdfUA Compatibility (None, PdfUA1). option added to Dynamic forms. Adjust Mail for Tenant ID and Client ID did not work. WordWrapMode for SyntaxEditor did not work. SyntaxEditor was empty when > 65K characters. Option IsTextDataBindingEnabled added. Set to False for large text. Dutch translation in some edit forms. MailEditor did not show an e-mail attachement. Excute_Report could result in an error when using parameters in the command. MA!N form flickering when closing a modal form. Error when typing a number in a datetime field. E-mail subject could be misformed when using Modern Authentication. Modal option to Dynamic form: Use < NewModal > or add < Modal >True to < NewForm > or < Form >. handling for Process Proposals adjusted. handling for Reminders adjusted. A Custom SkinSet can be used. The file \Users\Default\DefaultSkinSet.dll will be loaded if available. option added to Button in Dynamic form. window size increased for Adjust Properties. adjusted for security controls. is possible to add an image to a Button using Layout control.'s updated. The Reference folder can be replaced. Authentication option added for mail. adjusted to support Modern Authentication. OpenFileDialog did not work correctly when using a DataGrid. Right click on Grid caption resulted in an error. Test Outlook did not work in Mail-iT. Unchecked forms in the View menu did load data. added for a custom query for the Letters in the dropdown in Actions edit. Add a Command ID for the query in [Option 3] in the [Settings] table for [Configuration ID] = 'Actions edit'. update [Settings] set [Option 3] = '123', [Memo] = 'Option 1: New Option 2: Follow up Option 3: Letters order by or Command ID for custom Letters query' where [Configuration ID] = 'Actions edit'. Import_Directory did result in an error if no files were found. Correction UTF8 option for TXT Export types. Status field in Jobs scheduled is updated with the Execute_Scalar result when not True or False. UTF8 option for TXT Export types. Option: HTMLBodyFileHeaderFooter, HTMLBodyFileHeader or HTMLBodyFileFooter did not show the correct footer. Using Execute_Query with Export type CSV, TXT or ASCII resulted in an empty last line. Using PowerShellScript with a script in the command resulted in an error. Tables in HTML mails did not format correct in some mail tools. WebRequest encrypted password did not work. Using a Stored Procedure in a Report could result in an error. option updated to support new Outlook versions. Register the new DLL's using Mail-iT. option added to Dynamic form. Local install of the WebView2 Runtime is needed when used: Received mails did not display a Sent date. Creating a new database connection in the report with the Timeout option resulted in an error. CE-iT logo. option in MailEditor enabled. Settings.Option 1-5 field length. If no row was selected, the active row was used to create a new record or edit a record. Error when starting DashboardDesigner for the languages de, ja and ru. Using Mail-iT to create an update for the MailEditor settings was not always updating the Port number. Adjust Settings 'File name' option did not work for .dotx and .docx. Process Proposals did not report an error when a document could not be created. Error when creating an action and attach a file. option added to Tasks.
-- File name is used for the script file.
-- Command is used for the query for the parameters and the values. Example: SELECT 'ParamterName1', 'Value1' option added to Tasks.
-- 'ExitOnError' AS [Action]
-- , 'True' AS [Value]
-- 'AddScript' AS [Action]
-- , 'Script or File name' AS [Value]
-- 'Parameter:ParameterName1' AS [Action]
-- , 'Parameter1Value' AS [Value]
-- 'AddStatement' AS [Action]
-- , 'Statement' AS [Value]
-- 'Invoke' AS [Action]
-- , 'Response SQL, Available parameters: @ResponseItem, @ResponseValue, @ResponseHadErrors, @ResponseErrors' AS [Value] added to docvariable Adjust settings: Fields Update, Fields Replace. German spelling errors fixed in Actions edit form.*.docx added to the default filter for the browse window for Letter Template. Data_Process_Actions query for closing Action detail actions when Invoice 0. added to Create_Object for MailItem: SMTP, SslMode, Port, Username, Password, EncryptedPassword. added to docvariable Adjust settings: Save mail, SslMode, Port, Username, Password, EncryptedPassword. the .aff and .dic files to the ..\Dictionaries\OpenOffice\ folder. the downloaded .oxt file to .zip and unpack. and download a dictionary from Checker added for MailEditor and RichTextEditor. Place .aff and .dic files in the ..\Dictionaries\OpenOffice\ folder. an action will skip the letter when using a Letter ID where the Template field is empty. references moved to Reference folder. update: .NET Framework 4.8 Error when mailing proposals Error when saving a document as PDF using Adjust settings / Template settings with the option Save as type. and DragDrop option added to MailEditor between To, Cc and Bcc. MailEditor did not update the plain text body when the HTML body was changed. MailEditor did not display the plain text body when there was no HTML body. Actions open and Action details File name could include the startup path (version and later). option added to File_System. option added to Create_Object for MailItem and MailEditor. Test MailEditor using Mail-iT resulted in an error. MailEditor did not display the correct attachement name when the file name contained a comma. The SyntaxEditor could not find the SQL Language file. settings option added. now supports Methods like Delete. option now uses UTF-8 encoding. Create File could result in an error when using a report with the new connection type and parameters. 'MM/dd/yyyy' added to Action memo text. uses Collector Sender. When empty, the Sender from the Settings is used. a combobox is not visible on a default edit form, the combobox items are not loaded, the current value is used. option added to WebRequest. ID is added to the reminder filename. 'File name' option to Adjust Settings. File name can be used to save the reminder file to an other direcotry / name. File name should contain the directory and name without file extension. Batch file is still saved in the default location. option {StartupPath} and {Folder} to Adjust Settings. language files added in ...\SyntaxEditor\Languages\Definitions\. To load SQL use SQL. Viewer can use MailEditor for sending reports. When viewing a report in the reportdesigner, the parameters did work correctly. Viewing a report with subreports in the report designer could result in an error. Web_Request GET Method could result in an error. Invoice code with special characters was not correctly registered in Action details. Deleting a Customer or Collector could result in an error. Payment arrangement could result in an error when selecting Periodic payments. removed for: AgentObjects, MSDATASRC, VBIDE's updated. updated.{ReplyMail} option added to Adjust settings. option added to Command ID Accept, Cancel, Delete, Edit, Processed and Select, add '-- Timeout = 0060' to the command for the query to set the timeout to 60 seconds. {Invoice code} option did not work when using Process_Proposals. Serv-iT did process jobs after Quit_Serv-iT. name rows starting with < will not be openend when double click on a row. attachments can be modified. MailEditor not showing all attachments. Encoding for MailEditor adjusted.{Letter ID} option added to Adjust settings. MailEditor Send button was not always disabled when opening an existing mail. options AllowPrintDashboard and AllowPrintDashboardItems added. Activity List form is visible on the Windows taskbar. Edit controls can be renamed by using the Command ID Action caption. settings for MailEditor adjusted. When using the MailEditor the mail From field could be empty. Using MailEditor in combination with SSO resulted in an error. When using Mail Queue and .dotx templates the mail body was empty. When mail settings are set to Mail Queue, Execute_Mail_Queue did add the mails to the queue and not send e-mails. Wrong Priority in query when testing Mail Queue using Mail-iT. Mail Queue field Priority and BodyFormat could be the wrong data type. option HTMLBodyFile now include header and /or footer option using: HTMLBodyFileHeaderFooter, HTMLBodyFileHeader, HTMLBodyFileFooter the website in the About form to option added to templates. Database_Compact option. option added. An second error message could occur after closing the first error message when not using the log file. forms start as floating form. now supports error responses. ARGB Color codes did not work for individual row properties. The combination Customer actions closed with Invoice details could result in an error when selecting a closed action. Form_Custom_Info and Form_Customer_Info did not load. up an action with an actioncategory and invoices or customer excluded resulted in clearing the exclude radiobutton. Combobox LimitToList option did not work correctly. Error was only available when using jobs. Process Proposals could reslut in an error. added to CheckData option. option added for Dynamic forms for NonQuery and AdjustControls. InitialDirectory/Select option for OpenFileDialog did not work correctly. Actions open File name was not correct for mailed payment arrangements. Operations for DataSet Relations wasn't triggered when reloading data. framework changed to .net framework 4.5. @Actions_open_ID added to Dynamic form Dataset Actions_Edit. {Session ID} added to File_System. InitialDirectory/Select option to OpenFileDialog. Adjust Settings column Export name is "Skip", Create file does not create a file. CheckSource columns posible for CheckData option. Create file in a template with Export type Excel did not convert the column format correctly. File name was not correct for OpenFileDialog. File_System option FileToBase64 was not processed. The option Verb with ProcessStart resulted in an error. dynamic tabpages to Actions Edit using [Action types].[Command ID Dynamic]. now returns the filename without the StartupPath. type WebBrowser added to Form_Dynamic. option added to Form_Dynamic. error message improved. Category ID, Accountmanagement ID, Collector ID and Group ID can now be preserved when following up an action. File option adds the files to Actions open.File name. loading a Dynamic form fails, the error message now shows the form name and closes the SQL connection when still open. message is now displayed when disabling Outlook security fails when creating an Outlook mail. Closing the application could result in an error message. Customers Edit could result in an error when the field Ranking code was not visible. Actions Edit could result in an error when TabPage_Invoice_Details was not available. Selecting an action with Action category or Groups and Selection enabled could result in an error. Selecting an action without ActionsEdit Option in Settings table could result in an error. added for Description in dropdowns in default forms. Viewer name adjusted. Connection lost message was not always displayed. Data option added to .dotx templates. File option added to Adjust Settings. option added to report, multiple checked values result in a csv string for the parameter. Select option for DashboardViewer file name. files: SecurityManager.2005.dll, osmax64.ocx, osmax.ocx, secman64.dll, secman.dll option added to docvariable SQL Overview. Action.Value was not working for dotx. parameters can now be refreshed using a grid. Dynamic form did not load correctly when reloading or refreshing a dataset before it was loaded. option added to AdjustControls. Excel export did not convert the column format correctly. option added for Dynamic forms. Using Data_Import_File with a path starting with '\' could result in an error. DragDrop could result in an error. Actions open did not refresh correctly when using the layout option and selecting invoices. A grid on a dynamic form could result in an error when using the column filter and ClearColumns option. DataGrid with multiple bands could give an error when selecting a row. Using Data_Import_File for CSV files could result in an error. docvariable Delete.True to remove black page if needed when using a custom JoinDocuments template.
2.01.219Option added to customize the License messages.
2.01.219Option added to set and Idle message (5 minute interval) and to LogOut MA!N.
2.01.219BugFix: Creating a Payment arrangement action using a .dotx template resulted in wrong file name extensions for the actions.
2.01.219BugFix: The combination of a DataGrid with a DataView and the ClearColumns option could give an error.
2.01.218BugFix: An error could occur when Process_Proposals was used for a mix of actions with and without documents.
2.01.217Job types Stop_Logging;0 and Stop_Logging_Clear;0 added.
2.01.217Parameter Logging added in Settings to set the use of the log file.
2.01.216Option to not load the SecurityManager dll's when using Outlook mail (Outlook mail 0 or 1 as [SecurityManager])
2.01.216Option added to dynamic form queries to use the AD groups: Str_AD_Security_Roles.
2.01.215Outlook mail optional parameter SecurityManager (True/False) added to bypass the use of Outlook SecurityManager.
2.01.214BugFix: Report parameters submit did not reload the subreport.
2.01.214BugFix: Serv-iT eventlog did not always work.
2.01.213BugFix: Dynamic form could give an error when using a Primary Key field in combination with the ClearColumns option or a scalar query.
2.01.212BugFix: Export to Excel resulted in an error when exporting a cell with a length greather than 32767. The data will now be truncated.
2.01.211Date field parameter added to Command ID Accept in the Actions edit form.
2.01.210FormBorderStyle option added to NewForm for Dynamic Forms.
2.01.210BugFix: Minimize option was missing from Actions edit form.
2.01.210BugFix: Creating an action could result in an error when a Collector or Collection action value was not selected.
2.01.209DragDrop option added to Dynamic forms.
2.01.208Data_Import_File now can use a path outside the MA!N folder.
2.01.208BugFix: Link to subreports is no longer lost in the Report Designer.
2.01.208BugFix: Special characters not always stored correctly. proposals query improvement. Dropdown not accepting value. option added to datagrid. The proposals form could give a time out error. option added to Button in Dynamic form. option added for Customer invoices open form. Dropdowns could give an error when the Description was NULL. Selecting an invoice in the Actions edit form could give an error. Some dropdowns did not work correctly. Some forms did not load correctly when not visible. dropdown. edit Memo text visible on load. Option 3 and Option 4 reserved for time travel data/parameters. added to adjust the layout for the Customer Actions Edit form. up an action will now inherit the selected Invoices open and Invoice details rows. can be used in the Query total field of the ListViews table. Selecting or creating an action did not select the rows for the Invoice details. Timetravel date was not used to set the First payment date in Actions Edit Paymentarrangement tab.'s updated. Added missing translations on Customers actions edit form. Closing MA!N could result in an error message in Dynamic forms. Arr_Invoice_Code was cleared after selecting an invoice when the layout dropdown from Customer Actions open tab was not the default. The Invoice details tab was not updated when selecting invoices. Execute_Report did not use the PDF Export Options. Form Role Controls could give an error on loading.{Time travel date} option added to Execute_Non_Query. support in all forms.'s updated. up an action will clear the Accountmanager ID, Action category ID and Collector ID when the field is not visible for the new action. Actions type Items could not be updated. Serv-iT tried to show a messagebox when running in the background when Jobs Scheduled could not be updated. Error when starting MA!N 2 times at the same time. Using Arr_Invoice_Code in a dynamic form resulted in an error. ID added to Feature groups. into Excel now in xlsx to support more rows. setting added to set the encoding. DataAdapter used to fill datagrids in default forms has been adjusted. The first letter of the first document was missing when using a custom JoinDocuments template. can be used for LayoutControls and TextVisible option added. option to set the default value for SpinButtons for numeric controls in Dynamic forms: . Example: Never Closing date was not filled when using Accept and Close button when not using the Actions closed table. collector ID added to Actions open and Actions closed Option 1 changed, a Command can be used to select the invoices for the proposal.. Option 1: Include invoices < 0, True or False. Option 2: Invoice code delimiter. Option 3: Creator collector ID for proposals created via Serv-iT. DataGrid CheckBox in underlaying Bands did not always update correctly. docking added. option added to Process_Start. Time is in milliseconds, 0 = no wait, -1 = unlimited. MS Access support. type XML Document was missing.{Creator collector ID} added to Execute_Non_Query, Execute_Query and the filename for uploading files when using Open actions edit. name' field option added to Excel import. Action. option added for dotx templates. improvement when creating actions for a lot of invoices on Action detail level. Excel file now accepts full path in Source name. Mail body encoding was not correct when sending mails using only Mail body ID as mail text. Converting Field names to parameters resulted in an error if a / was used in Dynamic forms. Drag/Drop could result in an error. Transfering the checkbox state of Invoices open and/or Invoices closed to the Action edit form could give an error. The datagrid for the Form Group Collectors was not loading correctly. Actions edit could give an erorr when loading the Action details tab. Actions edit could give an erorr when following up and action and unchecking invoices. Opening the Actions edit form could take a long time. Proposals included invoices that were excluded on Action detail level. Dynamic forms could give and error when the Activated node was used in combination with a refresh of the grid. Closing date was not always correct when following up an action. When selecting mutiple customres the New, Follow up and Close buttons in Customer Actions open did not always disable. the option set LimitToList to True or False for controls Combobox and ComboDataGrid in Dynamic forms. parent and hierarchy fields added to Customers. parent option added to Group Customers. Creating a report using Serv-iT without parameters could give an error. 1 and Description 2 added to Actions edit. The value is now copied to new actions. can be added to the reports from Reminders or Jobs. added to skip multiple lines when importing a Text file using Data_Import_File. {Extra data} added for the commands used by: Sql Overview, Adjust Mail, Adjust Settings, Add Object and Create File using {Extra data}. Adding attachments to an Outlook mail did not work correctly. Error when adding a payment arrangement with a 0 value line. Error when following up and action. And error could occur when following up and action with Action details and unchecking invoices. improved. Import for .xlsx added. for SQL adjusted. Adjusted row style did not walways work correctly for Default forms. When not using actions closed and following up an action where Action detials split is Active, the closing reason was filled of the origional action. [Settings].[Option 2] adjusted. Refresh data from dynamic forms did not always work correctly whe using mulitple groups. Empty values where not correctly replaces in Dynamic form queries. sending adjusted, use SSL option added. added to Command ID Accept for Actions edit: {Follow up date} A task with Execute_Query and export to Excel resulted in an error. click on Row in Grid in Dynamic form will open the files in the column with [File name] file for docx documents is in PDF to preserve headers and footers and Date option added for dotx templates before and Job after option added to Jobs Header and Footer was not mailed for Dotx documents Save Layout did not always work for Dynamic forms CreatePdf, LoadPdf, LoadPdfBase64, AddPdf, AddPdfBase64, SavePdf, SavePdfBase64, ClosePdf and FileToBase64 to File_System to join pdf files and create base64 string from a file added to File_System: {StartupPath} DataGrid Save layout option did not work correctly column added to table Mail queue queue option added mail the Sender and ReplyTo are added SQL Overview could give an error in Dotx documents when the upper and lower cases where not correct for {Administraion ID} or {Customer ID} and ReplyTo option added to E-mail, Administrations, Collectors, Customer contacts and Intermediate customer contacts. Some special characters were displayed as ? in a mail using .dot templates. export option XML Document which creates an XML document using the first column of the first row in the result set returned by the query. Additional columns or rows are ignored. option added to Calculate_Collection_Proposal. Clicking in a grid did not work for hyperlinks. EWS option to mail. Mail authentication error fixed. Some special characters were displayed as ? in a mail. Clicking on an Appointment on the Timeline did not always work as expected., DashboardEditor and PdfViewer added to dynamic forms. Invoices open edit could result in an error. default the .dotx templates do not use the «joindocuments� template anymore. .dotx templates resulted in an error when a SQL Overview was returning no rows. Adjust layout option for default forms could result in an error with some controls. and Style menus and Buttons in default forms translated. file option now supports reports. removed from Dynamic forms. added to adjust the layout for default forms. option added to Path.ini. engine adjusted. added to create a file using a docvariable «Create file�. The file name and the used features can be set using Adjust mail/Adjust settings using the column names [Export file name] and [Export file feature]. option «Excel� added to create a real Excel document. added to Command ID Accept for Actions edit: {Invoice excluded} and {Customer excluded}. added to sort the Letters in the dropdown list in Actions edit. [Option 3] in the [Settings] table for [Configuration ID] = 'Actions edit'. Some clients had an error converting the invoice datetime for a payment arrangement. added to Adjust mail / Adjust settings for .docx documents, see column «Remarks�. mail / Adjust settings option added for .docx documents. option added to Adjust mail / Adjust settings for .docx documents. SQL Overview in .docx documents could give an error with NULL values. 'DatabaseUnavailable=Hide' added to Connectionstrins.ini file. The parameter hides the database from the dropdown in the login screen when the database is not available. reason column added to the fields used for Actions open. added to enable the selection checkbox of invoices when the invoice code is in Actions open/closed. Using Add object in a reminder with the option PasteHTML and the paste option «inserts docvariable fields� could result in an error. ValidateUser did not always load the correct database. If Microsoft Word failed to save the document, the save routine got stuck in a loop. option added to Report parameters. the docvariable object types InlineShape and InsertBreak option for .dotx templates. When using .dotx templates for creating documents for multiple contacts the File name in actions open was .doc and not .docx. option added to File_System to create files from Base64 strings. Form_Groups could give an error if the filter button was not available for the user. Save Layout from a DataGrid resulted in an error. ValidateUser did not always display the correct database name. A Dynamic form could give an error when loading parameters. A process with _IE did stop with an error. added to change the Template settings using the Settings table with [Configuration ID] = 'Template settings', [Option 1] = Setting, [Option 2] = Value.'s in documents did not work since using Document join type 'Add documents', Microsoft Word was not closed correctly and the batch file was not shown. Browse option in Letters edit now has filters for .dot and .dotx templates. Path.ini could result in an error when opening Templates. option added to File_System., the Ignore Error (IE) option is available for all Job parts and this option will log an error in the Modifications table. @Error added to Execute_Scalar_Bookmark which holds the result of the previous job part. @Error = "" when there was no error. added to WebRequest to store the request for multiple request. row properties can be set using the column name as the Property and result as the value. ID was not filled correctly when not using Actions closed. counter did not work properly when using proposals with an Action type with Action details active. Microsoft Word was not always closed when creating documents. Process_Proposals did not log the new actions in modifications. Error when exporting to Microsoft Excel. Opening Word documents could take a long time. details can be used for proposal actions. The calculation of the proposals did not work correctly when not using the actions closed table. Error when processing proposals. date added to Actions open. Following up an action with the Exclude group feature checked could result in excluding invoices. When creating an action the Exclude invoices could be checked when changing the Action type. Form Chart Info Designer name changed to Chart Designer. ID reference option added to Commands. This can be used with a Job. option added to Jobs. ID option added to Jobs. interval can be set for checking Jobs. ...\main.exe /Serv-iT;Interval;ID /Database. Example: Set the interval to 10 seconds and start Serv-iT for Serv-iT ID 1: main.exe /Serv-iT;10;1 /Database. now has a Start option in the context menu. added to Settings table to prevent the move of closed actions to the [Actions closed] table, if the closing reason is filled, the action is considered closed. The SyntaxEditor could not find the Language file when using Path.ini. adjusted when there are no valid licenses available. properly closed licenses will reset after 2 minutes, the reset option is no longer available. login a «License will expire in x days� message will be displayed when the license is valid for less than 20 days. closed or followed-up actions to the Actions closed table can be disabled. If this option is used the queries for the controls have to be adjusted. option added for Excel export. the docvariable Adjust mail (same as Adjust settings) has the option Join template. Insert documents and Save can be used in the Join template. Serv-iT did not update the license time stamp. Find/Replace option for the SyntaxEditor could resulted in an error. option added to the security controls for the Update license option at the login form. license option adjusted. a grid to Microsoft Excel could result in an error. Added an extra wait for Excel to load. the PasteHTML option for DocVariable AddObject failed to access the clipboard. option added to reports, add '-- Timeout = 0060' to the query command to set the timeout to 60 seconds. Creating a batch file did not lock all subdocuments when some documents were mailed. Creating an action for a customer with a Collection scheme without Collection actions could result in an error. The Join Documents option was not available in the Tools menu. detail split option added to Action types. starting Serv-iT, all *.log files older than 10 days in the Log folder are removed. When using ProcessStart with FileName, the ProcessStart did not work. Manually closing an action with an End date resulted in an error. Parameters in a report could give an error. option added to Dynamic forms and Serv-iT.
When following up an action the Follow up date and/or End date is set to the maximum date when the initial date exceeds the maximum date. default days for Follow up date and End date will be set even if it exceeds the maximum date. changing the selected Action ID, the Follow up date and/or End date is set to the initial value. The time travel function did not work for Calculations_Customers, Data_Process_Actions and Data_Process_Invoices. Default days could result in an error when changing the selected Action ID. Selecting an action where the Manual closing option was False disabled the End date / time on the Actions edit form. starting Serv-iT, all files and folder older than 10 days in the temporary files folder are removed. files for converting Microsoft Word documents to HTML use a GUID in the file name. Converting a HTML file to an e-mail body locked the temporary file. Files and folders are not removed from the Temporary files folder. Following up an action results in extra quotes in the memo text. CheckBoxes End day, Minimum due amount and Minimum dunning amount in Form Collection Action Edit did not work correctly. The calculation of the number and amount of the selected invoices was slow when a lot of invoices where selected at once. Adding a large HTML file to an e-mail body was too slow. In form Customer actions edit the checkbox Exclude group could only be visible in combination with an Invoice details license. When adding default days to the follow up or end day could result in the wrong date when changing the action type after the default days are added. Action details option was always disabled when following up an action with an Invoice code. Now only the Action details flag is used to check if an action should be on action detail level or not. When the Memo field on form Actions open or form Actions closed was disabled, selecting an action resulted in an error. option added to WebRequest., report updates datasource automatically. name and browse option added to Invoices open edit form. ... option can be used to jump up in the current XML node of the Dynamic form. Type WebRequest added to Dynamic form. parameter types can be used in the report designer. Time travel did not show the correct date in the action memo text. Error when processing Reminders using an Action type where Action details are active. Follow up date, (Collection action) End date and date/time can no longer be empty. Export type 'HTML Switch Decimal' was not recognized. Error handling introduced when not able to retrieve a date using the 'Time travel' option. licenses message. Dynamic Form data did only trigger a refresh for the variable in the first 'Where' node. travel option added. Serv-iT session was not removed from sessions when using Quit_Serv-iT. week numbers are now visible in date/time pickers. improved when using the option ExportToPdf for Execute_Report., Min and Max options added for numeric controls and the MaskedEditor in Dynamic Forms. option added, to refresh Dynamic Forms when an action is created or closed. The NextID option in a Dynamic Form resulted in an error if the value was empty: System.Int64 was not always converted to Long. Added missing Export types. Changed Export type "HTML Decimal=," to "HTML Switch Decimal". When using decimals in the interest rates, the Calculate_Interests resulted in wrong interests. Report export options added. follow up days and Default end days option added to Action types. Docking Properties to the menu. security to the context menu of the LayoutControl on Dynamic Forms. Proposal actions could result in a high amount value for the action with the total amount. Garbage collection to Web_Request and Execute_Non_Query.