Thinking different about Credit Management software

One of the core areas supported by our software MA!N is credit management and our approach differs a bit from other vendors. That’s partly because of our technical approach. By doing things different we believe that, with MA!N, we have developed one of the best credit management software solutions available and we would like to explain why.

Doing things different

At CE-iT we don’t pretend to be the expert who knows the job better than our customer does, but we do ensure that our software can fit current and future customer requirements. We do this by adding tons of flexibility to the core of our software. As a result our customers experience our software as custom made, but in reality all customers can update to the same latest version of our software and that’s something that you can’t do with custom software. For MA!N this has been the case from the start and we don’t have the intention to change that, because it enables us to implement the most flexible credit management software available. You might say that our software doesn’t define what you can do, but that it empowers what you want to do.

The start of credit management software

When we first started out with our software we enabled customers to easily send letters or add notes to a customer or invoice. This was quickly followed by the option to file issues and workflows for solving these issues. Next we added credit limits, customer segmentation and the international support of our software. Through out the years we’ve kept adding more and more features. The addition of all these features also led to the adoption of our software by financial institutions and local governments.

Data exchange

To perform its task properly credit management software needs data. In the early days our customers imported data through Excel files that we’re generated by their financial applications. This was fairly easy and customers used to update the data once or twice a day, but during the years the requirements regarding data have also changed. This is due to the more complex workflows that are processed within MA!N and the world that is moving towards other solutions like web services.

We still support the initial file exchange, but nowadays more and more customers use realtime data exchange through web services. Credit management has also become an integrated process that goes beyond the credit management department, therefor our software needs to talk to more and more internal and external applications at the same time. And that’s something that MA!N does very well. We have customers that are collecting data from numerous sources to create a global overview in MA!N.

The development of features

A lot has changed since we’ve first launched our software. For most customers credit management software has to do more than sending letters and add notes. The software needs to support customer segmentation, credit scoring, complaint management, workflow challengers and much more, because the job of the credit management department has changed and they want do that job with less people.

This meant that software had to become smarter and we’ve added features that support these requirements. For example:

  • Customers can be categorized manually or automated based on postal code, credit score, behavior and more. MA!N can add different workflows based on these categories and customer characteristics.
  • Data from third parties like Creditsafe can imported and MA!N add more data for customized risk calculations.
  • MA!N can communicate through channels like email, SMS, AcceptEmail, iDeal and more.
  • By using data from multiple sources, MA!N can connect the dots for workflow and reporting purposes.
  • Credit management is a company wide process and MA!N enables you to engage with people through workflows in Outlook.

We didn’t hard code these features in the software but coded the tools that support these features, so that you as a customer can decide if you want to use these features and how they should work for you.

Each organization is different, has other products and other customers. By thinking different about how you can set up your credit management software, we believe that it will fit best for you.