Risk is only painful once it is too late. That is why MA!N gives you an insight into your credit risks in advance. How? The software uses various data sources to calculate scores based on internal and external data, with the option to include human input as well.

The most used features

  • MA!N reports any changes that occur and initiates action where necessary.
  • Calculates ratings.
  • Monitors credit limits.
  • Data exchanges with data providers.
  • Provides insight into corporate structure (parent-subsidiary).
  • Provides insight into financial data.W
  • Workflows for order approval.
  • Self-evaluation and support for credit insurance.


Data is one of the keys to credit risk management. With the flexibility built into MA!N, you have extraordinary access to and control over data: you can import data from various sources – both internal and external – so you get the full picture of both the customer risk profile and possibilities. Do you rely on another provider? No problem. Data exchanges via links to external parties are easily achieved. We process data from Creditsafe, Graydon and Bureau van Dijk, among others.

Credit Insurance

Buying credit insurance is one thing, but meeting the conditions to collect on a claim is quite another thing. Fortunately, MA!N can help. At any stage in the process from self-evaluation to reporting. The software calculates and keeps an eye out for what needs to happen and when. When do you need to file a report, you do it on time. And so you don’t ever accidentally extend more credit than what the credit limit permits.

You are in control

With MA!N, risk should no longer catch you be surprise. You can anticipate instead of react, so you have more control over the process.

focus symbol


Automate standard checks and focus on exceptions.

tools to customize


A customised rating model is possible.

symbol for cost reductions

Cost reductions

Fewer write offs due to better risk monitoring.

Want to learn more?

Ask for a demo

Are you curious about the software? When you invite us for a demo, we show you how the software works and together we will look at how the software works best for you.

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