You can’t make an omelette without breaking eggs, which is to say, you can’t satisfy every customer all the time. Still, every complaint is one too many. And carefully and fairly dealing with each one increases your chances of repeat business – and reduces the chance that you’ll end up with an unpaid bill.

Increase customer satisfaction

We know from experience: when you use MA!N to streamline the complaint resolution process, you raise your customer satisfaction rating. A seamless procedure allows you to register the complaint, send a confirmation to the customer and assign the appropriate colleague to work on resolving the problem.

The most used features

  • Categorisation of complaints.
  • Exclude invoices from reminders.
  • Automatic confirmation sent to customers.
  • Clear explanation of the reasons for non-payment.
  • Assignment of case managers for complaints.
  • Monitor timeline: when should it be resolved?

Efficient workflows

Complaint submission and resolution should be fast and easy. With MA!N, you can easily register a complaint. And the customer, if he or she so chooses, can submit a complaint via a portal. Once that occurs, MA!N begins a workflow and sends the customer a confirmation.

Focus on the solution

You can work on resolving the complaint in MA!N. And the software can also process the workflow within Outlook or other applications. With no obstacles or stumbling blocks arising from external applications, you can focus exclusively on resolving the complaint.

stopwatch for timing faster implementations


Faster resolution of complaints means happier customers.

graphic globe with wifi and internet sign


Customers can report complaints online.

board with check mark for compliancy

Gain insights

More insight into the sources of complaints.

Want to learn more?

Ask for a demo

Are you curious about the software? When you invite us for a demo, we show you how the software works and together we will look at how the software works best for you.

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