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MA!N Credit Management

MA!N is the most flexible solution for a wide variety of applications: from credit management to risk management and from customer service to billing. You can use it for out-of-the-ordinary administrative and management tasks, or as a correspondence server.

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“The flexibility of MA!N makes that it goes beyond what software by other vendors offer.”

-Peter Heidema, AgroEnergy

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Portals enable you to interact with stakeholders like sales and customers 24/7. Sales can monitor disputes and check a customer’s balance. Customers can respond online to reminders, check their balance, submit a payment plan and more. It becomes one integrated flow and saves time.

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About CE-iT

At CE-iT, we often take a slightly different approach – just a little bit smarter. Customers appreciate that: every day, more than 150 organisations in more than 60 countries use our software. They want to work in their own style, in their own language. That is exactly what we offer on a global level: intelligent, flexible software. Clear and coherent, scalable, user-friendly software. Good, solid software that enables you to work quickly and flawlessly.

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