Lower costs, optimal cash flow

MA!N is an integrated platform for all aspects of credit management. A software package that helps speed the payment of your invoices, reduce risk and improve customer relations.



With MA!N you automate your credit management. So you only deal with genuine outliers: at a glance you get the full picture, so that you can effectively help the customer. And with its segmentation capabilities, the software can determine the proper approach per individual credit account. Making use of the clear work lists (with ‘to do’ task lists), you can send a payment reminder with one click. That’s how MA!N makes efficient credit management possible.

“Colleagues from other countries are immediately enthusiastic when they see the software and want to implement it themselves.”
(Marcel Jaspers, Perfetti Van Melle)

Streamlining the complaint resolution process


When a customer contacts you with a complaint, the way you handle it will determine in large part whether or not you retain the customer. MA!N proves its value here. With MA!N you can very easily streamline the complain resolution process.
A seamless procedure allows you to register the complaint, send a confirmation to the client and assign the appropriate colleague to work on resolving the problem.

Risk in advance insightful


Risk is only painful once it’s too late. That’s why MA!N gives you insight in advance. How? The software uses various data sources to calculate scores based on internal and external data, with the option to include human input as well.

Combine within one file


What distinguishes MA!N from the crowd? Its extraordinary credit management capabilities. For example? With MA!N you can flawlessly combine multiple loans into one file. And MA!N automates processes with respect to matters such as debt relief, auctions, deed assignment, forbearance and unemployment including the four-eyes principle when that is required.

“MA!N continues where other standard software stops.” (PeterHeidema, AgroEnergy)”

Integrated solutions


In the case of factoring, MA!N calculates and then monitors the advance payment, manages interest calculations and streamlines all elements of the credit management process. In a nutshell, a fully integrated solution for the entire process!

MA!N provides insight


MA!N includes a dashboard, a data warehouse and a report builder. That makes it possible to organise your data in such a way that you really can take full advantage of it. MA!N provides you with insights into client groups, reasons for non-payment, risk profiles and much, much more. You determine what data you want to look at and how you want it presented, so that you can manage it effectively.

Easy accessible publishing


With our online tools you can create easily accessible portals for target users groups such as account managers and customers. Customers can submit complaints or schedule payments. Or, if you like, you can allow a customers to arrange a payment or request an invoice. It’s all possible, as long as your own organisation allows it.

“You can enter 1001 processes into the application. And when you do this on your own system, you can very affordably adapt the system even more precisely to meet your needs. But if you’d prefer that we look over your shoulder and advise you on how to customize the system, we’re happy to help!”

Configure specific requirements


If the ‘standard’ configuration doesn’t work for you, it’s not a problem. With the flexibility we’ve built into MA!N, we can easily create a configuration that meets your specific needs. It may seem like a custom-made solution, but it’s not and it’s actually very affordable (and quickly accomplished). MA!N offers more than just credit management. Many of our customers use the software for other purposes – as a correspondence server, for example, or for order approval.

Microsoft Cloud Service Provider


As a Microsoft Cloud Service Provider we offer shared and dedicated hosting in Microsoft Azure. But you can also install the software on your own network. Our starting point is flexibility, with Microsoft technology serving as the foundation for software and hosting.

  • installation: on your premises or in the cloud
  • hosting: Microsoft Azure
  • MA!N: Microsoft.Net
  • database: Microsoft SQL Server 2008 or higher
  • Office: Classic and Office 365
  • data-transfers and exchanges (including real-time): all standard file formats

Everything clear


When we work with you, we start with an inventory. To find out exactly what are you are looking for and what you require in your particular situation. Then we prioritise those requirements. By making choices during the first phase of the project we avoid wasting money or time on relatively unimportant issues. Is it all clear? Then we provide an estimate of the investment you will need to make. We don’t sell hours but rather the most appropriate solution. And that for a fixed price, because for us, clear commitments are vitally important.

Want to know more?

Ask for a demo

Are you curious about the software? When you invite us for a demo, we show you how the software works and together we will look at how the software works best for you.

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