Smart workflows, 100% compliant

How do you maintain oversight when the financial system only includes bills and not the specifications of the invoice only stored in the medical records system? With MA!N, the hospital is compliant with external accounting requirements For accounts receivable.

Key features

  • MA!N provides an overview of paid and unpaid invoice line items.
  • Calculates the provisions against invoice line items.
  • Registers the status per line item.
  • Creates smart workflows.
  • Provides a segmentation of accounts receivable.
  • Batch processing of letters, e-mails and text messages.
  • Creates clear and coherent work lists for employees and teams.
  • Imports data out of both the financial system and the medical records systems.
  • Facilitates payment regimes, complaint resolution management and reporting.

New software, a new way of working, hands-on learning – and now the AMC is in control on all fronts.

Olaf Brakel


Efficient credit management
With MA!N you automate your credit management. What remains are the real exceptions – which you can deal with straight away. You get the total picture at a glance, so that you are able to quickly give your customer the help he or she needs. You can send payment reminders with a single click, and – taking advantage of the clear and coherent work lists – carry out a segmentation of your accounts receivable. MA!N gives you easy access to efficient credit management.

Smart management of rejected line items
With MA!N you see all the invoice items and payments in one single system. The application can register the status and initiate action for every line item. This way you have insight into the unpaid items as well as paid items. The result: you are fully compliant and in control.

Relevant reports
MA!N includes a dashboard, a data warehouse and a report builder. It makes it possible to organise your data in such a way that you really can take full advantage of it. MA!N provides you with insights into customer groups, reasons for non-payment, risk profiles and much, much more. You determine what data you want to look at and how you want it presented, so that you can manage it effectively.

Fast implementation
It’s often the case that specific requirements of a particular customer can’t be implemented in a software package. Or that modifications will take a very long time to execute and be very expensive. It doesn’t have to be that way: we are able to quickly (within 6 months!) create a configuration of MA!N that meets all your needs. How? Think of the software as the engine that drives all the functions. You decide – with a relatively small investment – how these functions apply in your situation. In other words, a customer-specific configuration, without the disadvantages of custom-made software (extremely expensive and slow to implement). Including regular updates, so that every user works with the most recent version. We probably don’t need to mention how unique that is.

The greatest advantages

  • Compliant
  • Lower costs
  • Focus on exceptional cases
  • All information in one single system
  • Real control of credit management
  • Proven technology


Focus on exceptional cases

Lower costs

All information in one single system

Want to know more?

Ask for a demo

Are you curious about the software? When you invite us for a demo, we show you how the software works and together we will look at how the software works best for you.

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