Proper scrutiny for the right customers

On the one hand, you want to collect on a claim as soon as possible. On the other hand, you have an obligation to protect the interests of your customers. Put another way, you want to give every customer the attention he or she deserves, but you have only limited resources to do that. With MA!N, you don’t have to compromise.


Focus on the exceptional cases
MA!N helps banks to use their time more efficiently so they can focus on exceptions and the right customers. It produces an overview, determines in background what the appropriate actions should be for which customers and then, when possible, takes action on its own. In that way, you are able to focus on the ‘exceptions’ that demand personal attention.

Key features

  • Intelligent workflows providing a clear overview of customer behaviour.
  • Establishment of payment arrangements, with requisite monitoring and follow-up.
  • Clear and coherent work lists for employees and teams.
  • Batch processing of letters, e-mails and text messages.
  • Extensive reporting features.
  • Customer segmentation.
  • Facilitates appropriate communication consistent with the customer profile.
  • Supports auctions, forbearance and more.
  • Creates workflows for multiple loans within one claim.

Intensive and special management
What sets MA!N apart is its extraordinary credit management capabilities. You can in fact seamlessly combine multiple customers and loans into one dossier. And MA!N automates processes with respect to matters such as debt relief, auctions, deed assignment, forbearance and unemployment – including the four-eyes principle when that is required.

You create your own rating system
MA!N allows you to use various data sources, including the data that MA!N collects. You can then calculate a score and assign a rating to determine the risks, the actions required, and how you will communicate with the customer. By creating your own rating system, you can be certain that it is the ideal fit for your portfolio.

Customer portal
Would you like to give a customer insight into their past due account? Or, for example, set up a payment plan yourself? It’s all possible. MA!N can be accessed from the customer portal.

Fast implementation
It’s often the case that specific requirements of a particular customer cannot be implemented in a software package. Or that modifications will take a very long time to execute and be very expensive. It doesn’t have to be that way: we are able to quickly (within 6 months!) create a configuration of MA!N that meets all your needs. How? Think of the software as the engine that drives all the functions. You decide – with a relatively small investment – how these functions apply in your situation. In other words, a customer-specific configuration, without the disadvantages of custom-made software (extremely expensive and slow to implement). Including regular updates, so that every user works with the most recent version. We probably don’t need to mention how unique that is.

The greatest advantages

  • Lower costs.
  • Focus on exceptional cases.
  • Create your own rating system.
  • Proven technology for the banking world.
  • All customer data available at a glance.

Lower costs

Focus on exceptional cases

Create your own rating system

All customer data available at a glance

Want to know more?

Ask for a demo

Are you curious about the software? When you invite us for a demo, we show you how the software works and together we will look at how the software works best for you.

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