MA!N is used by organisations in just about every sector imaginable – from transport firms to temp agencies and from insurance providers to hospitals. You determine how the software works. You decide which functions get configured.



How do you maintain oversight when the financial system only includes bills and not the specifications of the invoice that are only stored in the medical records system? With MA!N you create an overview of the paid and unpaid invoice line items. The software calculates the provisions for the invoice line items and ensures consistency between the health care provider billing system and the accounts receivable.

“Everyone had to get used to the new software and new way of working, of course, but the result is that AMC is in control on all fronts just a year after implementation.”
(Olaf Brakel, AMC)

Creates overview


MA!N helps by ensuring that proper attention is directed to the right customers. It provides an overview, determines what actions are required for which customers and then, if possible, takes action. In that way you are able to focus on the ‘exceptions’ that demand personal attention.

MA!N flawlessly combines several loans and customers within a single dossier. Processes that involve matters such as debt relief, auctions, deed assignment, forbearance and unemployment – including the four-eyes principle when that is required – are automated.

More functional requirements? More business units? More Users? MA!N grows along with you. The software deals with 1,000,000,000 records like it deals with 10,000. It just works.

Unique applications


MA!N has been carefully tailored to meet the needs of local governments, in close cooperation with staff working in the claims departments. We conferred with them, observed them in operation, and tested our application with them. The result is a unique application: a standard software platform adapted to the specific requirements of local government. It provides solutions for tax collection, recovery of mistakenly disbursed benefits, partner and child maintenance and more. MA!N gives every community greater control over the collection process, which translates to better service for local residents. New laws or regulation? We’ll modify the configuration in as little as two weeks. To ensure that MA!N stays up-to-date.

Our software goes beyond credit management. It is the most flexible solution for different use cases.

Take advantage!


You want the right balance between fast payment of your invoices, risk management, and customer satisfaction. And of course, for a reasonable price. MA!N keeps an eye on both the timely payment of invoices and on risks. It’s not just small and medium-sized businesses that have discovered a total solution with our software; large firms in logistics and food are benefiting as well –around the world! With MA!N, you get a complete credit management system along with the tools you need for complaint resolution, risk management and reporting.

Over 150 organisations in over 60 countries use our software on a daily basis. They choose the best solution, not the cheapest.

Customization for a small target group


In general, tailor-made solutions for small target groups are complex and expensive. But not at CE-iT. When it comes to flexibility – and responding to customer-specific requests – our software knows no limits. What we offer is unique in the market, so ask us about our sector-specific solutions.

Want to know more?

Ask for a demo

Are you curious about the software? When you invite us for a demo, we show you how the software works and together we will look at how the software works best for you.

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